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Yamama Grenadine Molasses | 250ml Bottles | 600g Bottles

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Product description

About the Product:
Grenadine Molasses is a traditional Lebanese Syrup. It is made from pomegranate juice that has been reduced down, with or without sugar, to a thick, intensely flavored syrup. It's taste is tangy and and a little musky with a depth of flavor that is usually a bit sour. Grenadine Molasses can be whisked to salad dressings, dissolved into drinks like iced tea, and added to cooked vegetables and meat.

(300ml | Bottles)

About the Brand:
Yamama is dedicated to excellence in food safety and quality and is a partner you can trust. We aim to honor that trust and make quality a distinguishing capability.

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Yamama Grenadine Molasses | 250ml Bottles | 600g Bottles