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Santiveri Light Digestive Biscuits Cranberry | 220g Packs

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Product description

About the Product:
Santiveri Light Digestive Biscuits provide you with the perfect snack to enjoy in between meals, and are the perfect blend of sweetness and lightness. These biscuits are soft with a slightly crispy texture, boasting a delicious crunch that’s sure to keep you reaching for another. Santiveri offers not just healthy products but also delicious ones.

(200g - 7oz | Packs)

About the Brand:
Santiveri strongly believe in a healthy lifestyle. Since 1885, they have been putting passion, innovation and quality into products. Santiveri innovates while keeping in mind sustainability, eco-friendliness and a healthy lifestyle.

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Santiveri Light Digestive Biscuits Cranberry | 220g Packs