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Poppins Honey Flakes Cereal Bars | 30g Bars

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Product description

About the Product:
Enjoy Poppins Honey Flakes Cereal Bar with a delicious honey flavor. These cereal bars are a great snack to have on hand for the kids to enjoy at school or the adults for an afternoon snack.

(25g - 0.9oz | Bars)

About the Brand:
Poppins was created in 1998 with the urge to make high-quality cereals and cereal-based snacks. They were aware of conscious consumer's diverse tastes, dietary needs, and eating habits so, they wanted to meet all their needs and requirements. Poppins’ goods are relentlessly developed and recreated to ensure that everything they do is to facilitate a healthy lifestyle for their buyers. From the center of their 20,000 sqm factory in Mansoura, Poppin’s manufacture more than 500 SKUs. These products are delivered in over 45 countries from around the globe. The goods are supplied to adults and children of every household.

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Poppins Honey Flakes Cereal Bars | 30g Bars