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Loacker Sandwich Mini Wafer Tiramissu | 110g Bags

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Product description

About the Product:
Loacker Mini Wafer Sandwiches Bags are the perfect way to enjoy a delicious and convenient snack on the go. These bags come filled with bite-sized wafer sandwiches made with Loacker's signature wafers and a variety of delicious fillings. These mini wafer sandwiches are perfect for school lunches, office snacks, or long trips, as they are easy to pack and transport.

(110g - 3.88oz | Bag)

About the Brand:
Loacker is an Italian company that specializes in producing high-quality wafer and chocolate products. The company was founded in 1925 by the Loacker family in the small town of Bolzano, Italy. Today, Loacker is a global brand known for its delicious, high-quality wafer and chocolate products that are made with natural ingredients.

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Loacker Sandwich Mini Wafer Tiramissu | 110g Bags