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Domo Mouhalabia | 225g Boxes

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Product description

About the Product:
Domo Mouhalabia is a delicious dessert famous in the Middle East made with milk and delicately perfumed with rose water. Empty the content of the box along with 4 cups (960ml) of cold milk into a pan. Bring the mixture to boiling point while stirring constantly. Reduce the temperature and keep stirring till obtaining the desired consistency. Pour into cups. Cool and serve with nuts on top.

(200g - 7.1oz | Boxes)

About the Brand:
Domo is a part of Meptico- the leading Lebanese manufacturer of powder goods. To make every preparation taste like home, Domo joined all the cooking aids and sweet recipes. Established in 1968, Domo has verified its existence both in the local market and many countries worldwide. Domo’s products have a wide range that include: cake mixes, flavored jelly, ice cream, instant drinks with collagen and chocolate drinks to boost the moods and satisfy all taste buds. Not to forget the special line dedicated to Lebanese desserts for anyone craving traditional sweets. With Domo save time and never skip dessert again.

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Domo Mouhalabia | 225g Boxes